“Advertising design you can’t help read that” — PIE BOOKS / Japan [2010]


by Ryo Ueda from Sapporo

“Hello, Mr. Package” — SendPoints / China [2010]



by Ryo Ueda from Sapporo



I went to Guam for my bother’s wedding party. I really enjoyed extraordinary life in there. I went to see famous fire dance with my mum. I was called on stage with small kids and danced. (Adult was only me).while I was there, I drank from morning to night and had ad relax time. I had such nice time there, so started to worry if I can come back to ordinary life in Japan. To encourage myself, I decided stop smoking. Since then still not smoking, but I’m listening “Greatful Dead” and “The band” at heavy rotation.

by Naohiro Iwamoto from Sapporo


グラフィック周りをやらせていただいている、フレンチレストランAki Nagaoにて、長尾シェフ特製のフレンチおせちの予約を受け付けています。冷たくて味気ないおせちではなく、「あたためられるおせち」がコンセプト。シャンパーニュやワインと合うということもコンセプトのひとつだそうなので、日本の伝統を最も感じるお正月にあえて洋風でという方には良いかもしれません。お正月から長尾さんの料理が食べられるなんて、いいなぁ。詳しくはAki Nagaoのウェブサイトにて

French restaurant Aki Nagao is now taking reservation French style Osechi. It’s not sloppy cold Osechi, this Osechi concept is “able to make warm” also goes well with Champagne or wine. I think this Osechi fits to the person who wants celebrate with western cuisine at most Japanese traditional day. I envy the person eat food from Nagao’s restaurant at New Year day. For more information check at website

by Ryo Ueda from Sapporo



We had leaving party just 2days ago but again we had second time Mangekyo Leaving party with Mr.Tumakura, Futaba., Mr.Baku and Commune team. This time was 7hours at Okinawa cuisine restaurant. Again, we talk about future but in the end talk about Disney for 2hours. I got so many things to do for next year. Everyone does really good smile.

by Ryo Ueda from Sapporo